How to Roll the Perfect Joint

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May 07, 2022 | Cannabis

Movies like Pineapple Express and the fact that Snoop Dogg has a full-time joint roller are a testament to the subtleties of the art of joint rolling. However, the keyword here is art. Regular people are just fine with smoking perfectly ordinary joints. And they do just fine at rolling them with the fundamental techniques and knowledge.

In that spirit, let’s go over the fundamentals of rolling joints, so you can literally take matters into your own hands. These fundamentals boil down to a few simple steps.

List of Things You’ll Need

A woman rolling a joint with a grinder, rolling paper and marijuana

The list is minimal and straightforward, but here’s what you’ll need to roll a great joint.

    • Cannabis strain of your choice
    • Rolling papers
    • Some filter paper
    • Grinder (optional)
    • Rolling tray (optional)
    • Pen or similar item for packing (optional)

If you don’t have a grinder, use your fingers or scissors. If you don’t have a rolling tray, use your hand or something that can cradle the paper.

How Much Flower Does it Take?

You know what you want to roll, but how much hemp flower does it take to fill one?

Pre-rolls usually come with a gram, but you’ll want to start out much smaller until you get the hang of it. Half a gram and 1 ¼ size papers (standard) should work fine. Feel free to experiment once you feel comfortable with this amount.

5 Easy Steps to Roll a Standard Joint

A woman putting ground weed into a glass to for rolling.

Make no mistake — each of the following steps is crucial, so don’t get lazy. The more precise you are, the better the result will be.

Of course, you can spend too much time on it, so don’t hold the party up with your unrealistic ideas of perfection.

1. Grind the Flower

A great joint starts with the meticulous grinding of the source material. The finer the weed, the finer the joint. The mixture has to be as powder-like and homogenous as possible. Otherwise, your joint will have bumps that will cause it to burn unevenly.

Remove all seeds and stalks, then use a grinder, scissors, or your fingers to get the flower as smooth as possible.

2. Set Up the Filter or Crutch (Optional)

Preparing a good filter is easy — you make accordion-like folds in the filter tip or other thin cardboard, like a business card. Once you have it folded, roll it to the thickness of your joint. Simple! But there are some details to keep in mind.

  1. Make sure it’s neither too big nor too small. The best way is trial and error because it’s not an exact science and individual preferences apply.
  2. Don’t make it too loose or too tight. You need proper airflow, but you also want the filter to do its job (filter).

3. Fill the Paper

First of all, make sure you’ve put the sticky part up. It’s an honest mistake, even for non-rookies.

Next, distribute the ground flower in a thin line in the middle of the paper. The importance of distributing the mixture evenly cannot be overstated, both for rolling and enjoying the joint.

Put the filter or crutch at one end. You can leave some of it sticking out if you prefer.

If you want to be extra creative, you can use flavored paper. You’d be surprised by the options out there.

4. Roll

Man rolling a joint with rolling paper and ground marijuana scattered on the table

The rolling tends to scare rookies for a good reason; also, for no reason.

It does require some practice, a few missteps, and possibly even a burst of frustration or two. However, this is just part of the process, the learning curve.

Usually, it takes a few failed attempts until your hands and brain almost instinctively figure out the mechanics of it all. And once they do, it’s mostly smooth sailing from there, like riding a bike.

So how do you actually roll the joint?

  1. Hold the filter and paper together between your thumb and index finger with one handfirmly but gently.
  2. Once you have the position locked, start making gentle rolling motions to give it shape.
  3. Tuck down the unglued side and roll. The crutch can act as a guide and help keep its form.
  4. Lick the sticky part, giving it just enough moisture.
  5. Use the pen to pack the open end. Twist when done, if you want.

5. Enjoy

The joint should burn steadily and evenly. If it’s constantly dying out, flaring up suddenly, or certain areas seem like you’re smoking an empty piece of paper, the joint is either too stuffed, too loose, or all-around uneven.

Remember: you won’t get it perfect the first or second time. But as long as you follow these simple steps, you will, sooner rather than later.

Try These Tips If You Still Suck At Rolling Joints?

Maybe you’ve given it all you’ve got and still fall short. It’s ok — we all do, in some capacity.

Don’t accept your fate yet. Give it a few more shots with these tips before you throw in your rolling papers.

  1. If you haven’t used a rolling tray or another holder, try one. That extra “hand” might be all you need.
  2. Use a dollar bill. Fold it in half, put the weed in it, slip a rolling paper behind it, and roll.

Still no luck?

At least you tried, right? Don’t worry — you don’t have to show up empty-handed. Here are solid replacements for a joint. The best part? You have options beyond weed. Delta 8, CBD, and other cannabinoid products are available for each of the following.

1. Bongs

No one will balk at using one of these instead of your hand-rolled specialty. The clean, smooth smoke bongs produce is nothing less than remarkable.

2. Pipes

Pack it, light it, and you’re off. Not only are these easy, but there are so many styles available you can turn them into a fashion accessory. Flaunt it with discretion.

3. Pre-rolls

Sure, buying pre-rolled joints is cheating, but it won’t make you fail the test. In fact, we recommend finding new friends if they judge you over it. Considering the many strains you can choose from, no wonder these are so popular.

4. Dabs

Concentrates, in general, are a great way to take the party up a notch. You’ll need a butane torch and dab rig if you want to try smoking a dab or dabbing, but it’s well worth the investment. If you can’t roll a joint, maybe dabbing can be your forte.

5. Vaping

This still gives you the feel of smoking, but with fewer carcinogenic substances. You might even get more out of it since the terpenes and cannabinoids aren’t combusted under intense heat. Buy a vape pen and vape carts — refillable or not — in your favorite strain. Or, try a new one.

6. Edibles

These aren’t as fast-acting as the previous suggestions, so allow for some time to pass after you eat an edible (usually about an hour). Whether you choose gummies, brownies, cookies, or some other delectable, your friends will be thrilled to take part.

7 Types of Joints: Guaranteed to Impress

You might be surprised to know that there’s more than one type of joint. It’s best to wait to try anything until you’ve perfected the standard joint, but they’re something to look forward to.

1. Standard

This is likely what you know and love, and for a good reason. They’re elegant in their simplicity and wonderfully dependable. Simply add the flower to the paper and roll (more details on this one further down).

2. Cone

Five cone marijuana joints in black background

This one starts thin and gets fat — like a cone. You’ll have to have a filter for this one, but it’s a good one to try when you’re ready to progress from the standard joint.

3. Pinner

This one is relatively simple and, again, self-explanatory. It’s a really thin joint — perfect for when there isn’t much to go around.

4. Fatty

These names certainly won’t win awards for originality. The fatty is a fat joint. It’s similar to a blunt, except you use rolling papers instead of a cigar or tobacco wraps.

5. XXL

Think fatty, only bigger. It might sound simple, but this takes a lot of weed and a lot of practice.

6. Tulip

These joints have extra weed in the tip. They’re like a pinner and cone combined to make the shape of a tulip (it requires imagination; just go with it).

7. Cross

Another reference to Pineapple Express is warranted here. This joint looks like a cross and is a great way to show off some skill.

Conclusion: Perfect Rolling (Almost)

Practice makes perfect. While rolling joints can be frustrating, it makes for the perfect excuse to roll another one. Keep at it, and it’ll quickly become second nature.

If not, no worries. You have plenty of other options that will make you just as happy.

May we suggest?