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Delta-8 Vape Products

The Area 52 vape delivers the signature effects from the Pineapple Express strain thanks to our selected blend of delta-8 THC and exotic terpenes.

The product features a delta-8 THC hemp extract that comes in a glass cell vape, providing ½ ml of a highly potent vape liquid. It is a 100% federally legal product derived from industrial hemp.

Area 52
Delta-8 Vapes

Our premium Pineapple Express delta-8 vapes present energetic vibes and uplifting effects that are beneficial for daytime users who don’t like the fogginess induced by delta-9 THC. Although similar in their molecular structure, these two cannabinoids produce different effects. In essence, delta-8 THC is less psychoactive than delta-9 THC, often referred to as “diet cannabis” or “cannabis light.” Most users describe the effects of this vape as uplifting alongside some mild physical relaxation. The mental uplift isn’t overwhelming, making this product a flavorful option for motivating and responsible recreational use. 

Why Choose Area 52

At Area 52, we control the production process from seeds to labeling, making sure that each batch of our delta-8 vapes is tested for its potency and purity in an independent laboratory. There are no profit-driven promises, just straight facts.

Our products are extracted from hemp and converted into delta-8 THC using our state-of-the-art technology and refinement processes. We then combine the delta-8 THC extract with cannabis-derived terpenes to create a reflection of the effects of specific cannabis strains — in a way that doesn’t make the user feel edgy.

Delta-8 THC Cartridges FAQ

How Potent Is this Delta-8 THC Vape?

Approximately 95% of the product is made of hemp-derived delta-8 THC oil and 5% cannabis-derived terpenes. There is a total of 900 mg delta-8 THC in each vape (½ ml). This is a highly concentrated vape product. It may be harsh on the throat, especially to those who haven’t been vaping cannabinoid products before. Delta-8 THC is actually a harsh cannabinoid by itself, so it’s recommended to take small puffs unlike with CBD vapes.

When it comes to the effects, delta-8 THC typically provides an uplifting effect with a calming body buzz. Depending on the strain-specific terpenes, a delta-8 THC vape may be more energizing or relaxing. Higher doses are known to induce sedation, tiredness, and lower blood pressure on top of giving dry mouth and dry eyes.

How to Store Delta-8 THC Vapes?

Cannabinoids start to degrade when exposed to air and light, so to prevent the loss of potency, it’s best to keep the product out of sunlight in a cool and dark place. Doing so will extend the product’s shelf life. Keep at room temperature and upright to prevent leaking.

What is Delta 8-THC?

Delta-8 THC is an isomer of CBD and THC, the two other cannabinoids found in hemp extracts. While Delta-8 THC and delta-9 THC have similar names, they are different compounds with distinctly different effects.

The H.R. 2: The Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 made delta-8 THC products federally legal as long as they come from hemp and contain less than 0.3% of delta-9 THC per volume.

There are no long-term studies on the effects of delta-8 THC, and everything we know so far is based on either preclinical research or user experiences with delta-8 THC vapes. As for the short-term effects, most users describe feeling happy, uplifted, calm, motivated, and relaxed after vaporizing delta-8 THC.

However, delta-8 THC products aren’t designed to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases, conditions, or ailments. Your experience may vary from others depending on your tolerance to the compound, the sensitivity of your cannabinoid receptors, and whether you take it on a full or empty stomach.

Why vape Delta-8 THC?

Vaporization is the most efficient way of delivering cannabinoids to one’s system. The delta-8 THC from the inhaled vapor enters your bloodstream through the lungs, avoiding the first-pass metabolism in the liver. This results in fast-acting effects, which usually show up after a few minutes from the last hit. Vaporized cannabinoids have also demonstrated the highest bioavailability of all consumption methods. Up to 56% of the inhaled content ends up in the user’s system, compared to 35% for sublingual products (oils and tinctures) and 4–20% for oral forms (edibles and capsules).

Cannabis-derived Terpenes or Botanically-derived Terpenes?

When you’re using a product that includes additional terpenes, you can choose between CDT (cannabis-derived terpenes) and BDT (botanically-derived terpenes). While the difference in flavors between these two sources isn’t so significant, CDT are the preferred option due to their interaction with cannabinoids.

Cannabis compounds work synergistically to amplify the effects of the extract while minimizing the potential side effects. For example, terpenes are responsible for the “character” of our experience. Some terpenes are more energizing, while others produce calming effects. Each terpene comes with its own set of health benefits, but together with cannabinoids, they create a phenomenon known as “the entourage effect.” According to this concept, cannabis compounds work better together than each of them in isolation — hence the importance of including cannabis-derived terpenes in delta-8 THC vape vapes.

COA / Lab Results

Despite the rising awareness, the hemp market remains unregulated, which creates room for companies trying to capitalize on the booming market regardless of the means. At Area 52, we’re committed to maintaining high-quality production standards and transparency, providing batch-specific certificates of analysis (COA) for all our products. Our delta-8 THC vapes are rigorously tested in an independent laboratory for their potency, cannabinoid profile (including the delta-9 THC content), and purity. We provide the COA on request.