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Each gummy contains 25 mg of delta 8 THC, trace levels of other cannabinoids (including CBD, CBC, and CBG), and a vegan-friendly base.

We make our gummies in a medley of flavors — including strawberry, green apple, and pineapple.

You can thank us later — delta 8 on its own doesn’t taste very good, so the flavors used in these gummies are, in our minds, essential.

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If you aren’t careful, you might down the entire bag in one sitting (not recommended). Each gummy contains a potent dose of 25 mg pure delta 8 THC.

With just a single gummy, you’ll cross the threshold dose. It’s a nice, relaxed state of mind, accompanied by a pleasant body load. This is the dose we recommend.

Two gummies will probably make you want to crack open a bag of chips and discuss the meaning of life.

After three gummies you’re at risk of being abducted by aliens. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you).

We spend a considerable amount of time and effort extracting high-quality delta 8 THC from our organically grown hemp plants to make these gummies. Our team of experienced chemists live and breathe cannabis.

Delta 8 THC gummies are a good choice for two reasons:

First, they’re easy to use — you don’t have to fuss around like you do with oils.

Second, they’re f**king delicious — period.

Serving size: typically ½ or 1 gummy

How to Use Delta-8 THC Gummies

Take one gummy at a time. If you’re looking for milder effects, cut one gummy in half and split the dosage accordingly.


Do not take more than a recommended daily serving. Do not drive or operate any vehicle after taking this product.

Consult a doctor before using delta 8 THC gummies. Do not use if pregnant, nursing, or taking medications for a diagnosed condition.

Must be 21 years or older to purchase or use.

How We Make our Delta 8 THC Gummies

It all starts with the seeds. We’ve partnered with several small local farms in Colorado, California, and Oregon, where we source our organic hemp plants.

The plant material is gently extracted using solventless CO2. After the initial extraction, we further refine the product using processes like winterization, decarboxylation, and distillation. Doing so allows us to extract high delta-8 THC yields without any delta 9 THC in the final product.

We then combine the broad-spectrum extract with our natural vegan gummy base. There are no artificial colorings or flavorings in them — just concentrated fruit juice and naturally occurring sugars.

Delta-8 THC Gummies for All Dietary Restrictions

Our gummies aren’t exclusive. One love, right?

Whether you’re gluten-intolerant, vegan, or simply conscious of the harm non-organic farming methods have on the Earth, these gummies are suitable for all.

At Area 52, the delta 8 THC gummies are formulated without wheat and animal derivatives — the chewy consistency results from infusing the gummy base with plant-based pectin instead of animal-derived gelatin.

How to Store Delta 8 THC Gummies

Delta 8 THC gummies should be stored just like CBD gummies — in a cool and dark place. Although there’s no need for refrigeration, exposure to air and light will cause the contents to degrade — so it’s important you keep it in an airtight container and out of direct light.

Delta 8 THC FAQ

What is Delta 8 THC Used For?

Delta 8 THC is an active cannabinoid. While we can’t (and won’t) make any direct health claims, a lot of our customers take these gummies for their relaxing effects.

I’ve Never Taken Delta 8 THC Gummies Before. How Will They Make Me Feel?

The effects of delta 8 THC gummies develop at a slower pace than CBD or delta 9 gummies. Most users report noticeable changes about 45 minutes after taking a D8 gummy.

The effects are virtually identical to delta 9, but with a few key differences.

The biggest difference is that delta 8 is significantly more relaxing — providing a sense of peace and relaxation. This cannabinoid can be considered the middle-ground between D9 THC and CBD.

The effects of delta 8 THC gummies can last anywhere between 4–8 hours but will vary between individuals. Factors like your age, metabolism, tolerance and sensitivity of your cannabinoid receptors will also affect the way you respond to D8 gummies.

Are Delta 8 THC Gummies Legal?

Delta 8 THC is legal in most US states as per Section 297a from the 2018 Farm Bill.

However, some states have banned delta 8 THC. Currently, you can’t legally purchase delta 8 THC gummies in Alaska, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, Utah, or Vermont.

Can I Drive a Car After Taking Delta 8 THC Gummies?


What did you think we were going to say? Keep your eyes on the road and maintain a mind sharp while driving your car.

Don’t look at your cell phone or eat your lunch while you drive either…

Can I Give Delta 8 THC Gummies to Kids?

No, this product isn’t suitable for kids.

If you want to take delta 8 THC gummies, you must be 21 or older.

What Makes Area 52 Delta 8 Gummies Stand Out?

We aren’t in this business to make a quick buck and get out — like many of the other manufacturers in this industry. We’re a group of passionate D8 users ourselves who took our passion to another level. By making all our own distillate, we’re able to maintain full quality control over the entire process.

Our products maintain the highest degree of quality and attention to detail possible. We refuse to compromise on quality for the sake of cutting the bottom line.

This means all of our products are thoroughly tested — both in-house and at a third-party analytics company. It also means our gummies use a vegan-friendly base and organic ingredients whenever possible.

Can You Test Positive for Delta 9 THC After Delta 8 THC Products?

Yes. Most drug tests can’t distinguish between delta 9 THC and delta 8 THC. So using delta-8 THC can potentially result in a false positive test for delta 9 THC.

Even if delta 8 is legal where you live, we recommend avoiding delta 8 products for at least 3 weeks prior to a scheduled drug test.

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