Delta 8 THC in New Hampshire: Is It Legal & Where to Buy in 2022?

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June 22, 2021 | Legal

The legality of delta 8 THC is too complex a topic. This cannabinoid is affected by various state legislations that differ in different parts of the country, although it’s legal at a federal level.

For different reasons, more and more cannabis users are choosing delta 8 THC, but since it’s legal in several states, many doubt whether it’s legal to buy delta 8 in the state of New Hampshire.

Is Delta 8 THC Legal in New Hampshire?

Delta 8 THC is legal in New Hampshire, and it’s federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill — as long as it’s entirely hemp-derived.

Hemp and all its derivatives containing less than 0.3% delta 9 THC are legal in New Hampshire.

Delta 9 THC, for example, isn’t legal in New Hampshire but is decriminalized. So if the police find you with small amounts in this state, they can only confiscate your marijuana and fine you.

Marijuana cultivation isn’t allowed in New Hampshire.

Where to Buy Delta 8 THC in New Hampshire

The best way to buy delta 8 THC is online from a reliable retailer. By purchasing your delta 8 THC this way, you’ll be sure to get a product of the highest quality and unbeatable purity.

Serious vendors will present certificates of analysis and all their products to guarantee the purity of their products. If these tests aren’t available publicly, reach out to the customer service staff to request a copy.

The benefits of ordering delta 8 THC online:

  • Online shops have better pricing and seasonal discounts
  • When you buy online you can read customer reviews & third-party tests before you buy
  • Ordering online is easier and more convenient
  • Online shops have a greater selection of products
  • Products left on store shelves degrade more quickly

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Do I Need A Medical Card in New Hampshire To Order Delta 8 THC?

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You don’t need a medical marijuana card to order delta 8 THC in the state of New Hampshire. Delta 8 THC rests in the same legal context as CBD as of the 2018 Farm Bill. Anybody over the age of 21 can buy this cannabinoid online.

The only restrictions are delta 8 THC products made from marijuana or those that contain more than 0.3% delta 9 THC.

In 2013, New Hampshire was the 19th state to legalize medical marijuana under House Bill 573 [1].

To obtain a medical marijuana charter in New Hampshire, you’ll need to get an evaluation from your primary care physician. In addition, you’ll need your primary care physician to provide you with a certification that you’ll need to submit as an application for the Therapeutic Cannabis Program.

If your application is approved, you’ll receive your card.

What’s The Difference Between Delta 8 THC & Delta 9 THC?

The differences between these two cannabinoid analogs begin at the chemical level. Delta 8 THC contains a double bond on the eighth carbon chain, while delta 9 contains the double bond on the ninth.

A hemp or marijuana plant usually contains less than 1% delta 8 THC. In comparison, today’s marijuana plants usually have percentages of delta 9 around 15-20%, reaching up to 30% or more in the most potent strains.

The effects also mark the difference between these two cannabinoids. Delta 8 usually generates a more calming experience. There won’t be any racing thoughts, and anxiety isn’t a commonly reported side-effect.

The potency of delta 8 THC is about 50% of delta 9 THC, so you’ll need to take a higher dose to get the same intensity of effects.

How to Use Delta 8 THC

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We can find delta 8 THC in many different presentations. Each user has his preferences regarding this topic, and there is no one form better than another. The methods that we’re going to name next are the most widely used among delta 8 users.

Delta 8 THC Vape Carts

This method of administration is chosen by many users because of its ease of use. Just take it out of your pocket and puff on it will be enough to administer delta 8. In addition, this way of consumption has the advantage of presenting the effects immediately.

Delta 8 THC Gummies

This method of administration is ideal for those who want to consume delta 8 discreetly. You will not arouse suspicion in front of anyone by consuming a gummy. Moreover, by choosing this form of consumption, you will not harm your body with smoke, and the dosage will be easy to calculate.

Delta 8 THC Tinctures

Delta 8 THC tinctures can consume both orally and sublingually. These are usually made from alcohol, as this is the most practical and economical way to manufacture them, but there are also some water-based tinctures (nano-emulsions). But at Area 52, we use MCT oil in our D8 infused tinctures for better absorption when you hold the tincture under your tongue for 30 seconds.

The different vendors will provide delta 8 THC products in different dosages. Pay special attention to this aspect because if you’re entering the world of delta 8, it’s best to start with a conservative dosage.

Is Marijuana (Delta 9 THC) Legal In New Hampshire?

Medical marijuana has been legal in New Hampshire since 2013 — but citizens have reported acceptance in this program can be challenging. Recreational marijuana is not yet legal in the state of New Hampshire.

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Is Delta 10 THC Legal in New Hampshire?

Delta 10 THC is also legal in New Hampshire.

This cannabinoid is an isomer of THC that occurs in concentrations below 1% in marijuana and hemp plants. Its effects are similar to those of delta 8 THC. The main difference is that delta 10 provides stronger energetic or stimulating effects than delta 8 THC.

Until not too long ago, delta 10 THC was an unknown cannabinoid. Then, Fusion Farms, a company that manufactures marijuana products, ordered a large order of marijuana from California, where the fires were raging at the time.

After processing the marijuana to extract the cannabinoids as they used to do, they were surprised with the final result: crystals that looked like none they’d seen before.

According to the analysis, the molecular profile of this cannabinoid was similar to that of CBC, but the appearance was very different. After a lot of hard scientific work, the scientists concluded that it was delta 10 THC.

Nowadays, the companies that produce delta 10 do it with food-grade and completely safe methods.

What’s The Future of Delta 8 THC in New Hampshire?

New Hampshire’s latest news on marijuana was its decriminalization.

In this state, which is leaning toward giving citizens a greater degree of freedom, we believe that delta 8 will remain legal. As is the trend in the rest of the country, recreational marijuana will be legal.

New Hampshire was one of the first states to legalize medical marijuana back in 2013. This clearly indicates that this state isn’t afraid to take innovative initiatives in favor of freedom and the welfare of society in terms of marijuana and its legality.

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