Delta 8 THC Tolerance: When Should You Take a Break from D8?

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May 17, 2021 | Blog

Is delta 8 THC tolerance a real thing?

Should you take breaks, and if yes, how often?

No matter what kind of cannabis you’re using, tolerance to its active ingredients builds over time.

As tolerance builds, the effectiveness of the delta 8 THC start to diminish, and they wear off faster. If you take a break for a few days your body will reset — allowing the full effects of delta 8 to return.

Tolerance can be frustrating, but what’s worse, it can get costly. In this article, we want to focus on the effects of regular use of delta 8 THC; we’ll also cover the ins and outs of building a tolerance to cannabinoids on top of sharing several tips on how to curb your tolerance, how often to take breaks, and how to prevent it from building up too fast.

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Signs that You Need a Tolerance Break

Tolerance breaks usually result from self-imposed decisions, but how do you know that you need that break? Here are 3 telltale signs that you should put away your delta 8 THC use for some time:

1. The Effects Aren’t as Pronounced Anymore

If high doses of delta 8 THC aren’t doing it anymore, it may be time to let your body rest. The absence or lesser intensity of effects are the major signs of a tolerance buildup.

2. The Effects Don’t Last as Long

If you notice the effects dissipating faster than usual, it may be another indicator that your tolerance has grown too high, and it’s time to let the body recover. People with a high tolerance to delta 8 THC find the duration to be half or even less of what they have been used to.

3. You Need Much Higher Doses to Get the Same Results

If it’s taking two or three times more delta 8 THC to help you reach the same level you used to achieve, it may be time to take that dreaded break.

How to Successfully Take a Tolerance Break?

When you finally make up your mind about taking a tolerance break from delta 8 THC, the hardest step is to remain consistent about your decision. Frequent users and everyday smokers may find it difficult to go cold turkey, but the process is very rewarding once you succeed. Here are a few steps that you can take to make the t-brake easier to handle.

1. You Are in Charge

While giving up a pleasurable routine can be challenging, you are fully in control of this tolerance break — and that’s what you should keep repeating to yourself. If you’re ready for a tolerance break, you’ve likely been taking delta 8 THC for so long that you can’t feel the effects anymore. Of course, consuming more d8 to get there could provide that much-desired relief, but it will be short-lived — not to mention that the high won’t be nearly as pronounced as it could be if you lower your tolerance to a sufficient level.

2. Challenge Your Willpower

Every tolerance break is a test of your willpower. The first 24 hours are usually the worst. When you make it through the first week, it will be easier for you to continue for another week and even up to a month. Besides, taking a tolerance break from delta 8 THC is easier than doing the same with delta 9 THC, as d8 is less potent, so the surge of dopamine isn’t as strong as with regular cannabis.

3. Make a Plan

It’s easier to fail with cutting your delta 8 THC tolerance if you have no plan for it. Take some time to create a plan of action of how you’re going to manage the break, what you’re going to do — and follow it. If you need it, ask your friends for support; it’s always good to have someone help you stay on track. Remember why you’ve taken a tolerance break and how rewarding the results will be.

4. Keep Yourself Occupied

Staying busy is the easiest way to ditch old habits and routines. Part of your tolerance break should include the fillers such as working out, hanging out with friends, or cultivating your hobby; these little slices of time would be otherwise filled with using delta 8 THC to get high, so make sure there aren’t many such moments during your t-break.

5. Get Some Exercise

It doesn’t have to be anything big like heavy lifting; in fact, you can partake in any physical activity that gives you satisfaction. Exercise helps your body release endorphins that improve the mood. Regular cannabis users may find that piece of advice particularly useful, as their dopamine system is constantly stimulated via THC’s interaction with CB1 receptors in the brain. Try exercising to exhaust yourself and improve your mood. This is also a great remedy for people who have trouble falling asleep as a result of cessation. Exercise can pump the hell out of you and make you feel happy at the same time.

6. Stay Social

If the cravings are tough to handle, it won’t hurt to rely on friends to help you succeed in your endeavor. Whatever you’re doing to limit your delta 8 THC use, you need to keep yourself occupied, so take care of your social interactions to help make that plan succeed. Keeping a social calendar with meetings and events with your friends will make it even easier for you. Besides, a person that decides to get a t-break from delta 8 THC will need positive support from their environment.

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Why Does the Body Require Tolerance Breaks?

Tolerance isn’t an uncommon concept. In fact, humans build up a tolerance to nearly every substance they consume. Sugar and caffeine fall in the same bracket.

Unfortunately, this is also true for cannabinoids.

Tolerance builds up when the receptors in the body become overstimulated and “numb” to the binding after regular use of a given substance. As a result, we need a higher concentration to trigger the same response. The body’s reward system is also altered by increasing tolerance. The bout of pleasurable sensations caused by dopamine activation and the release of endorphins and serotonin is mitigated, making the substance less enjoyable to use.

When it comes to cannabinoids, the CB1 receptor in the endocannabinoid system is negatively affected. Like delta 9 THC, delta 8 binds with this receptor to produce its psychoactive effects; this mechanism is also responsible for a tolerance build-up.

Cannabis, in any form, can be habit-forming. Any negative habits formed around certain activities can take a toll on one’s daily life.

Substance use disorder may also lead to a low mood, irritation, and withdrawal symptoms from cessation, such as problems falling asleep, inability to focus, or headaches.

How Long Should a Tolerance Break Last?

Your current tolerance level will determine the time of your delta 8 tolerance break. What you’re looking for when you take a break from cannabis is for your cannabinoid receptors to return to their normal state. You essentially need to wait long enough for the “numbing” to the cannabinoid wears off.

The regular influx of phytocannabinoids can disrupt the communication between the cannabinoid receptors and dampen your body’s natural ability to produce endocannabinoids, so a tolerance break should help your body get back on the right track again.

Here are various tolerance levels to delta 8 THC and our suggestions for the duration of tolerance breaks.

Low Tolerance (1-week break)

Low tolerance usually occurs in casual delta 8 THC users. We all know at least one person who has a low tolerance to psychoactive compounds — maybe you’re one of them!

However, even daily smokers may somehow manage to keep their tolerance to a minimum — which is probably caused by the differences in their endocannabinoid system.

If you fall into this category, it’s best to abstain from using delta 8 THC products for about a week. You will be rewarded with a more pronounced response to delta 8 and a better experience once you’re back to taking it.

Medium Tolerance (2-week break)

The medium level of tolerance occurs in people who enjoy delta 8 THC a few times a week but not daily. For example, maybe you like to take delta 8 to relieve stress or just for sheer relaxation when you get off work.

Regular users usually have their planned me-time with delta 8 THC, be it for their morning routine or before bed. Delta 8 THC can be stimulating or sedating depending on the dose, so it makes sense that you could build up a tolerance when something becomes your routine.

If you have a medium tolerance for delta 8 THC, you should give yourself at least 10 days of a break. Then, if you don’t mind waiting for more, increase the time to 2 weeks. The high and the added benefits when you get back to your routine will be worth it.

High Tolerance (3-week break)

If you’re a heavy hitter, your tolerance can build up at a very fast rate — sometimes even to the point where you don’t feel the effects of the product anymore. If you’re using delta 8 THC for its high rather than potential health benefits, then a high tolerance is something that you definitely want to avoid.

Besides, a high tolerance makes your delta 8 THC routine expensive. Some people need two or three times the normal dose to get the same level of effect. By taking some time off, you’ll need far less delta 8 THC to get the results you’re looking for.

How to Prevent a Tolerance Buildup in the First Place

Hand Holding Pipette with THC Oil Dropping on the surfaceIf you’re a daily user, it isn’t easy to prevent a tolerance buildup. If you notice that you need to take far more delta 8 THC to experience the same level of high as you used to, the best way is to reduce frequency usage. However, this option doesn’t appeal to everyone; that’s why tolerance breaks are so useful. You can either cut down on your d8 use or space them out periodically to give your body time to regenerate.

Final Thoughts on Delta 8 THC Tolerance and How to Keep It Under Control

Once you’ve made it through your tolerance break, make sure you use different types of delta 8 THC that we offer. Switching between tinctures, vapes, and edibles is one way to lessen the chances of your body getting accustomed to certain doses of D8. Of course, at the end of the t-break, you’ll be able to enjoy all of these forms again.

In this guide, we have mapped out all problems related to a tolerance break with delta 8 THC — and how to deal with them. Do you still have questions about using delta 8 and how to prevent tolerance from building up? Explore other articles on our blog about delta 8 THC, and share the knowledge with your friends to help us create a community of health-conscious cannabis users.

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